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Fundraising at work

Fundraising at work for the Lifeboat Fund is a great way to bring people together whilst supporting a worthy cause. We understand that every work place is different and events which are very successful for some may not be right for others. We've put together a list of tried and tested activities to give you some inspiration. Whatever your idea of fun, we can help with some great fundraising suggestions.

Dress down day

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! Everyone loves ditching their suits in return for a small fee. Why not go one better and have a fancy dress theme? Something nautical would fit well with The Fund’s focus. Wannabe pirates will jump at the chance to wear their striped jumpers and neckerchiefs to work!

Wear your wellies to work

The yellow welly is an iconic image for the RNLI. Why not nominate a day for ‘wear your wellies to work’ and encourage people to join in by wearing theirs, for a suggested donation?

Quiz Night

Hold a themed quiz and charge a small entry fee for teams. Get competitive with prizes for the winning teams, and raise even more money by selling snacks or drinks.

Sponsored 'give it up'

Whether it’s talking, chocolate, fizzy drinks or computer games, you could raise a small fortune by asking for sponsorship to give up something you love.

Auction of promises

Get your staff to auction off their services and create a bidding war. From simple ideas such as offering to wash someone’s car, or sharing your hidden talent for baking, to bigger promises such as a ride in your sports car or a stay in your holiday cottage. This is a great way to uncover your colleagues’ hidden skills and interests whilst raising money at the same time.

Guess the amount/name/weight

Simply fill a jar with sweets and ask people to guess the quantity in return for a small fee. You could also try a guess the name of the teddy or the baby picture game. These quick and simple ideas require minimal time and effort, but generate great results. 

Keep it legal

Charity fundraising is regulated. Some of your events may require a licence, permit or permission before you go ahead. Keep health and saftey in mind, and if there's food involved, make sure you follow food hygiene practice. There's more details and some useful links on page 11 of our fundraising leaflet.     


If you have a Fundraising idea why not get involved and let us know!