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Ministry of Justice 'gets on board'

Monday 24 October 2011

Even though the Ministry of Justice’s nationwide offices, courts and prisons are largely land-locked, staff across the department got into the nautical spirit to raise funds for the first time for the Lifeboat Fund on Appeal Day, 16 September 2011.

For instance:

  • the ‘crew’ at the Law Commission enjoyed a ship-shaped cake sale
  • court staff at Essex Magistrates’ Court organised a tombola and a pirate-themed quiz
  • Northumbria Central Enforcement Unit dressed down and sold cakes and scones
  • MoJ Communications Directorate were press-ganged into eating and paying their way through a range of seashell chocolates, sugar squids and ship’s biscuits.

The fundraising drive was promoted on the MoJ intranet, through internal e-bulletins, and a display in the MoJ HQ atrium with collection ‘ships’ on all our reception desks and in the staff restaurant.

We found out that quite a few MoJ people either volunteer with RNLI themselves, know someone who does or simply appreciate the service they provide.

One tribunals manager said:  “I wanted to contribute because my friend, who used to volunteer with RNLI, told me about the great work they do and the commitment of the crew.”

 And an official at MoJ HQ in London, said: “I’ve just bought myself a jet ski so you never know when I might need them!”

Another staff member, who is a volunteer helm for his local RNLI crew on the Sussex coast, sums it up: “Even if you are experienced, the best made plans can and on occasions do go wrong. The sea and weather can turn against you.”

In total, MoJ raised over £600, including several substantial contributions from individual staff members.

 This will go towards training and equipping RNLI crews so they can continue to save people in danger at sea and from floods.