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News from the Boathouse

Clare Parker
Wednesday 10 May 2017

Read on for the latest news from Wells Boathouse...

During the winter months there haven’t been many callouts but as the summer gets underway, that could change.  The most frequent rescues are to people and animals that get cut off by the tide.  The three rescues we’ve had so far this year have been just that. 

The latest was on the evening of Tuesday 11th of April, when three people and two dogs were cut off by the tide on the marsh, southeast of the boathouse.  Pinewoods Caravan Park security alerted the coxswain at the boathouse and the inshore boat was launched.  A person in small inflatable tender managed to row against the strong flood tide to rescue two of the casualties. The third was rescued by the lifeboat crew, along with the two dogs.

So please take care when crossing the channel or venturing out on the sands and marsh.  The marsh is a nature reserve and a fragile environment and should be respected.  The safe option is to keep to the footpath.  If you don’t know what time the tide comes in, just ask us, and if you walk out to the water’s edge, occasionally glance backwards to make sure it’s not coming in behind you.  Also, if you hear a warning siren, that’s to warn you the tide is on the turn and coming in and you should return to safety immediately.  

Have an enjoyable and safe summer. If you're visiting, we have planned practice launches on Sunday 28th May at 0900 and on Friday 9th June at 1730, subject to operational requirements.