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A "very giving lot" do nicely for The Fund

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Dot Blackburn of the Cabinet Office's Social Action Team tells us about their successful 2011 Appeal - in which the jolly threesome pictured alongside were promoted as their 'fundraising team'.

"Working in the Social Action Team means that responses to appeals and collections get a good reception - we are a very giving lot - with time as well as money, even in these difficult times. Getting support from Sir Gus O’Donnell (the now retired Head of the Civil Service) gave it a boost.  Our fundraising efforts in the Cabinet Office included cake sales (which was greatly appreciated by all the cake-eaters!). The cake bakers also came up with a good supply. One other area which met with a great response was our 'bring and buy' secondhand book sale which appealed to all the commuters amongst us.

"We managed to raise almost £600 (which turned into a bit more with Gift Aid), which was a good result from a relatively small government department which is spread out within several Whitehall buildings. Not sure if people donated through texting or direct but it was an option on offer. The internal appeals mostly went out on the internal Cabinet Office Intranet but having the boxes and posters around the office made a difference. The downside was that it all had to be counted!!! (Especially from the team who emptied their "pennies" jar).

"We are already starting to think of ideas for next year!"